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Karma Sutra Massage Cream 0052

The Kama Sutra Massage Cream collection encourages body exploration through the fine art os sensual massage. Smooth these lightly scented, delicately flavored, water-based creams over a lovers skin and allows curious kisses to follow. These rich creams also provide for a silky hand and body moisturizer. Available in five tempting flavors.

Cool Mint: As invigorating as fresh mint.
7 fl oz. 200 ml

Honey Almond: A delectable blend of honey and almonds.
7 fl oz. 200 ml

Raspberry Cream: Ruby red raspberries sweetened with luscious cream.
7 fl oz. 200 ml

Tangerines & Cream: The essence of tangerines coupled with smooth, sweet cream.
7 fl oz. 200 ml

Vanilla Cream: Heavenly vanilla blended with smooth, rich cream.
7 fl oz. 200 ml


Price: AUD $32.68

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