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Laser Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoos are permanent because the needle of a tattoo gun pierces the surface layer of the skin, called the epidermis, and delivers ink into the dermis (second) layer of the skin. Ink stays in this area simply because it is larger than the neighbouring bloodstream. Laser tattoo removal is the process of breaking these ink molecules into smaller pieces and allowing them to be absorbed into the bloodstream and disappear.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Pain is a relative term and depends upon the tolerance of the individual. But most people believe the best thing about laser tattoo removal is how much ‘less pain’ there is when compared to other tattoo removal procedures. Some people describe the sensation of the laser as being akin to a mosquito bite, or a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

How long does the tattoo removal process take?

This vastly depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Black tattoos with simple outlining and shading is going to be a lot easier to do than fully coloured tattoos. Most tattoos take from a couple weeks to a couple of months. This is because the body needs three weeks to heal between laser tattoo removal sessions—and some lasers are designs for only specific colours. Results laser clinic uses a technology that adheres to a whole colour chart when dealing with tattoo removal.

How many sessions will I need to get rid of my tattoo?

The general rule is anywhere from 6 – 10 sessions, however some clients have experienced their tattoo completely removed within 4 sessions.

Why choose Laser Tattoo Removal?

Because unlike other tattoo removal procedures it is virtually painless, free of risk of infection, and has great results. Other methods like excision actually remove the tattooed skin with a scalpel which can often make the tattooed area look worse than it did before. Additionally, other techniques like dermabrasion ‘sand down’ the tattooed area of the skin, making laser tattoo removal a popular and comfortable choice when it comes to tattoo removal.

 Removal Aftercare

  • The treated area will appear red after your session is complete. A dressing will be applied to the treated tattoo areas to accelerate recovery time after your tattoo removal treatment; and to protect the skin throughout the healing process.
  • There may be some pinpoint bleeding after treatment. An antibiotic dressing such as Bepanthen cream will be applied on the day directly after treatment. This will be done by your technician.
  • You may bathe normally but we do suggest you minimise vigorous activity for a few days to optimise healing after your laser tattoo removal treatment.
  • Try to only wash with cold or tepid water for the first day after treatment while your skin is in the recovery stage. Be gentle on your skin and avoid the use of strongly scented lotions or soaps, exfoliating creams and aggressive scrubbing to the treated area as this may cause you discomfort.
  • Crusting or scabbing of the tattoo is a normal consequence of the treatment and this will start flaking off in 2 weeks or longer.
  • You may use an antibiotic crème such as Bepanthen as often as you like after your skin tattoo treatment, as the active ingredient has a strong healing agent.
  • If treating the face, do not apply makeup for 24 hours after treatment unless it is a mineral makeup. 
  • Always remember to apply your SPF 30+ sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from the Australian sun.



The price of the tattoo removal treatment is affected by the size of the tattoo you are treating.  As a general rule the smaller the tattoo – the lower the price of the individual sessions.


Small Tattoo from $50*

Medium Tattoo from $110*

Large Tattoo from $200*

Extra Large Tattoo from $300*


*Per session


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