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Big Tit Slippers 2N3373

Pay homage to your love of abundantly sized breasts by wearing these humorously exciting slippers! The Big Tit Slippers from Nanma are available in one size fits all . and they feature flesh toned slippers that are accentuated and adorned by two life size breasts. These boobs have perfectly shaped nipples that jiggle when you walk. This is a great gag gift for the bachelor on your list or any .boob man.. You can be the talk of your dorm or apartment building when you stroll the halls wearing these sexy slippers. What man doesn't want to display big tits for everyone to enjoy. Your friends will never forget when you showed up to their party wearing the tit slippers and all the fun you had afterwards. These slippers are easy to clean following the instructions. Get a pair for yourself and a pair for all your friends.


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