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The Perfect Date Doll PD86000

Men, this is the Perfect Date that you have always dreamed of!

The Perfect Date inflatable doll has the following qualities:

An accommodating mouth has no teeth and best of all does not speak a single word

Perfect cone-shaped breasts that never droop and are 100% natural

Hands with no fingers that can't spend your money

No female genitalia that usually requires all that annoying foreplay

Has weights on her feet that keep her from running away

Best of all, she's three feet tall and she comes with a cup holder built into her head to hold your beer!

Where else would you find the perfect date-she doesn't talk back, spend any money, and when you are sick of her just deflate her and stick her in the closet.

The Perfect Date Inflatable Doll has everything a man has ever wanted.

What more could you ask for? Did we mention she doesn't talk back?

The Perfect Date Doll stands approximately 3 foot tall.


Price: AUD $36.32

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